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We’re pleased to announce the most modern day, advanced, and safety-enhancing avionics are now available to certain Cessna 172 models! Skyview HDX has revolutionized the avionics market by making state of the art avionics extremely affordable!

Dynon Certified in Your Aircraft

At this time, we are asking for your patience with us as we work through all of the processes involved to get the avionics installed in each and every aircraft out there.

We are working very closely with the FAA to make sure that this transition into the certified market goes as smoothly as possible.

The FAA has been a crucial part of making this a reality, and we are continuing to push forward with additions to the Approved Model List (AML) for each specific aircraft type. 

Dynon Installation

Straightforward Installation

With roots in light sport and experimental aircraft, Dynon products have already been installed in over 20,000 aircraft in hundreds of types, usually by amateur-builders. 

Dynon products are designed to install quickly and efficiently, minimizing the cost of modernizing aircraft panels.

Dynon Certified Pricing & Availability

Dynon received STC approval for many models of the Cessna 172 in March 2018 and recently added many Bonanza models. You can see the current full list of approved models below.

Approval does not restrict the operational use of the aircraft, and allows for flight in both IFR and VFR. Dynon will be seeking additional approvals for both single and twin-engine aircraft in the coming months.

Approved Cessna Models

  • 172F
  • 172G
  • 172H
  • 172I
  • 172K
  • 172L
  • 172M
  • 172N
  • 172P
  • 172Q
  • 172R
  • 172S

Approved Bonanza Models

  • P35
  • S35
  • V35
  • V35A
  • V35B

Pricing for the certified/PMA versions of approved Dynon products will be the same as existing experimental/light sport customers.

The STC for Cessna 172 aircraft is priced at $2,000 and the STC for a Bonanza is priced at $4,000.

Dynon “Plug and Play” Quick Panel

Cessna R, P, N, M Panel Quick Build Kits

Assembled unit

Advantages of the Quick Panel

The most glaring advantage of the Quick Panel is the time you save time in the aircraft by reducing the number of splices that need to be made and loose wires that need to be incorporated into the wire bundle. Our harnesses are secured to the Dynon avionics shelf which was already designed to be free and clear of all control cables and current wiring bundles.

Dynon HarnessThe primary HDX harness is wired to various plugs to allow for quick connection of your other systems. During installation, all you have to do is assemble the appropriate connector and plug it in. No more fumbling with multiple wires in tight spaces to splice together; just plug and play. Installing a second HDX screen? We have the secondary harness and plug available for easy integration with no additional wiring required.

Circuit Breakers

By mounting all of your circuit breakers onto the Quick Panel, we can assemble a power plug exclusively for your avionics suite. 

The power and ground wires are run into a plug that can match within the aircraft. This takes away the worry of trying to run extra long power wires to circuit breaker locations in the aircraft and keeping your wiring bundle tight during a retrofit.

Just assemble the appropriate plug and connect. To supply power to the breakers, you now only need to run one wire for power to each bus and one ground to the integrated ground block.

For configuration options and pricing reach out to us using the contact form below.

Airplanes in Development

The Beechcraft Bonanza A36 family and the Piper PA-34 Seneca are currently in active development and expected to be ready during the second half of 2019.

Thrust Avionics

At Thrust Avionics, we pride ourselves in providing you with the very best in maintenance, warranty repair, and parts support. 

Our maintenance professionals bring over 70 years of aircraft maintenance and repair experience to your aircraft.

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